If you’ve never created a kitchen or bath before, it’s pretty normal to get overwhelmed. The vast amount of decisions weighs heavily at times. And how do you sort through all the contradictory information, sales people, opinions and contractors?

All I can say is this: it’s a process.  The Two-Hour Consultation enables you to focus in on what is relevant to YOU.

The Two-Hour Consultation – Kitchen or Bathroom Design

  1. First, I have to find out from you, what already has your interest. This is when I get to hear about your wish list and see your magazine clippings.
  2. Second, we identify the key problems you are trying to solve with your new kitchen or bath. More storage? More counter? Updated fixtures? Better lighting? The list can be quite extensive.
  3. Third, we’ll briefly discuss preliminary budgets. Budget is not the, “B-word.” It’s financial wisdom, freeing us up to explore options that fit your needs and your wish list.
  4. And finally, we’ll discuss preliminary problem-solving design solutions that address your wish list, your needs and your budget.

COST: $350.00

A Concept Floor Plan communicates your current intention for your new kitchen or bath to your memory, your contractor or even to another designer. The Four-Hour Consultation is the Two-Hour Consultation, plus a Concept Floor Plan.

The time delay between our meeting and my drawing allows me to think more on your project. I provide those additional insights with the Concept Floor Plan.

The Four-Hour Consultation – Kitchen or Bathroom Design

  1. First we complete the Two-Hour Consultation.
  2. After our Two-Hour Consultation, I will take quick measurements of your existing space.
  3. Second, in my office I generate a Concept Floor Plan based on the design solutions we discussed.
  4. And finally, I’ll email you the ¼” scaled design concept in PDF format, answering a few additional inspired by your new floor plan.

 COST $700.00

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