Conceptual Floor Plan Development

Here is where we explore a variety of different floor plans for your new kitchen or bath. Through this developmental process we narrow the focus down to what works best for your desires and your needs. The result? Certainty. Now you know you have the right floor plan on which to build all your other decisions. I also provide you a preliminary budget for the whole cost of the project: materials, fixtures and construction.

Cost: Varies between $1,750.00 to $2,500.00





With Drawing Samples

THE ENTERTAINER – KITCHEN: Clients, sent by their contractor, arrive with a floor plan already in hand and a long wish list. But they feel stuck. That floor plan came before they made their final appliance choices. Their plan’s not working and construction has already begun.


MANOR-HOUSE REMIX – KITCHEN: A family has been dreaming about their new kitchen for years. But they don’t know if they can get everything they want within the space of their existing kitchen. Do they need to expand the size of their kitchen or not?

Cottage Retreat cover image for Concept Floor Plan page

COTTAGE RETREAT – BATH: A young couple wants a designer bathroom, steeped in both tranquility and function. But their restricted budget limits them to off-the-shelf vanities and do-it-yourself labor. They can’t afford all of a designer’s services, but want a designer’s insight to get them started.

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The Design Process

Do you want to be ready BEFORE you make final decisions about your budget, appliances, plumbing fixtures, cabinets and countertops? Do you want to get your kitchen or bath officially off the wish list and on its way to becoming a living reality in your home? Here’s what getting there looks like:

  1. We meet  and I get to know you, your clippings and what you’re hoping for. We’ll also talk about budget and review the key problems you are trying to solve: more storage? More counter space? Better lighting? What type of appliances or plumbing fixtures are going into the space? In this initial meeting, expect to bounce some ideas around with me as well.
  2. I’ll take detailed measurements of the space or obtain copies of your architectural plans. At this point I will also ask to poke around your existing kitchen or bath. This poking around helps me understand your lifestyle needs.
  3. Now I go to the drawing board, exploring the possibilities of your space with a few Concept Floor Plan options. Typically this results in about three floor plans, but many times more. Meanwhile, you are doing some preliminary appliance or tub shopping!
  4. Because we’re all too excited to wait for a face-to-face meeting, I email out the drawings to you in PDF format and we’ll have an initial design review over the phone and internet.
  5. As a result of the design review and your shopping I make a few more alterations to these initial concepts.
  6. We’ll have another design review about these revisions by internet and phone. This meeting results in making a final Concept Floor Plan choice.
  7. I make any necessary adjustments to the Concept Floor Plan and prepare a preliminary budget for your project.
  8. At our last meeting I present your revised Concept Floor Plan and we review the budget. This budget gives you a fair idea about the cost of the whole project, while also establishing pricing guidelines for shopping!